The QISDB16X Development Board is based on the Microchip PIC 16 Series based RISC microcontrollers. The board enables rapid prototyping and deployment of microcontroller based projects both at the hobbyist level as well as the professional level. Hobbyists and students will find the QISDB16X Development Board an ideal platform to develop their skill in the art of developing Microcontroller based projects at a price that is very wallet friendly. Professionals working at the industrial level will find the QISDB16X Development Kit's rich set of features ideal for implementing and testing advanced prototypes.

Key Features of QISDB16X

  • The Attractive, user friendly, feature rich programmer software, which supports all Windows Operating Systems (Win95 to WinXP).
  • Supports the 16F87x, 16F7x and 16C7xx Families of Microchip's PIC Microcontrollers. (All 28 and 40 pin ICs)
  • Two modes of operation - Automatic & Manual.
  • In the Automatic mode the board automatically performs erase, blank check, program, verify and write configuration word operations. Enabling and disabling these operations are possible through the software interface.
  • In the Manual mode the above operations can be performed manually by selecting the appropriate options on the software interface.
  • Supports four types of Erase operations:
        Erase code protection.
        Bulk erases code memory.
        Bulk erases data memory.
        Erase all.
  • Supports two types of read operations
         Read the entire chip
        Read up to the specified address.
  • The Read back data is displayed on the client area of the software interface and can be saved for future use.

Programmer for QISDB16X - Advantages

  • The board supports the most popular series of PIC microcontrollers.
  • Switching between the Programmer mode and the Demo mode can be achieved from the software user interface.
  • Single serial port connector for the Programmer mode and the Demo mode, avoids frequently switching the cable between two ports.
  • It can work as a stand-alone programmer for Industrial use.

Features of QISDB16X Development Board

  • Programmer and Demo Board as a single compact unit.
  • Option for selecting the mode (programmer or demo) from the software user interface

Features Of Demo Board

  • Supports both the 28 and 40 pin chips.
  • Uses a 4 MHz XT oscillator.
  • Multi-colored LED indicators representing all the I/O ports.
  • Separate jumpers are provided in all port pins to enable external interfacing.
  • RS232 based Serial Port connector for serial communication.