Quest Innovative Solutions [P] Ltd.has several successful products that are doing well in the market. One of the products that has received customer applause is our software that provides interface and control to Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units.Q-Safe, as the software is christened, exists in several versions catering from Desktop UPS models meant for single computers to LAN based solutions that can cater to small / medium / large scale networks that have several hundred nodes. As a system software solution provider, we are working on serveral product ranges in the telecom, security and household industries.

Our company which is now in its twelfth year of existence has expanded its operations into mainstream application development with the launch of a spate of software and hardware products catering to various fields such as businesses, hospitals and hotels. The products launched are in keeping with the philosophy of the company - that of redefining innovation. Some of the new technologies that have found it's way into our products include Voice Recognition based Command and Control, Infrared and Radio Frequency based wireless data transmission. Plans are also underway to further strengthen the embedded and system software divisions - our traditional core areas, with the introduction of an R & D wing doing research in the field of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that is the core technology that drives today's mobile computing world.