Research & Development

Our R&D division has very highly skilled professionals, qualified and experienced in various technology domains. The objective of our R&D efforts is to develop commercially viable, high-quality IT solutions and services, by exploiting state-of-the-art technology. We aim to build competencies in identified core technology areas, which are then utilized to build intelligent, efficient and economically viable solutions for the society. The reusability of our solutions helps us spread our R&D costs, and to deliver more refined solutions requiring less customization and with greater predictability which means substantial time and cost savings. Our R&D division also provides continuous support to many educational institutes to promote and nurture ideas and skillful research work.

Some of the valuable outcomes of our R&D division are

1. GPS Solutions

Our GPS solutions help you to navigate through unknown and congested city roads by providing you turn by turn driving directions. We have also implemented tracking systems which can be effectively used for business and personal purposes.

2. GSM Solutions

Qis has developed state of the art Medical diagnostic systems, Home Security systems and Real Time Transformer monitoring solutions based on GSM technology. Our engineers have also developed vehicle security systems based on GSM and GPS technologies which have taken the concept of fool proof vehicle security to a new level. The ever increasing usage and the phenomenal spread of mobile networks have prompted us to develop innovative solutions based on GSM technology that can benefit our farming community, who represent a majority of our population.

3. RFID Solutions

RFID technology though developed very early for military applications is today being widely used for commercial and civilian applications. We at Qis have also developed various solutions for smart parking and terminal management and information requirements. Our smart parking solutions based on RFID technology helps to automate parking arrangements without much human intervention thereby providing great relief to city traffic. Our terminal management and information has been designed to manage bus terminals in an efficient way and to provide required information relating to busses in real time to passengers.