Software Development

Web Development

The advent of the Internet has revolutionized the way in which companies have gone about their business practices. The initial skepticism regarding its scope as a business medium has given way to making the web the primary medium of business for many of the traditional companies. This in turn has opened up a whole new area of service and support that is essential for the smooth and secure operation of such businesses. With large corporations, banks and financial institutions conducting financial transactions online, a highly secure, fault free website is critical to success of any company.

This is where the experience and expert skill available at QIS makes the difference for a company trying to have its presence on the web for the first time, or for a company upgrading its existing web site. The engineers at QIS are continuously updating their knowledge on the latest cutting edge technologies in the field of Web Development in order to provide the best and latest solutions to its clients at competitive cost without compromising on quality.

Development Tools / Technologies

  • PHP on Apache with MySQL / PostgreSQL backend
  • JSP on Apache / Tomcat with MySQL backend