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Micro controller based UPS monitoring and data protection software(Data-Safe) is an advanced version of the data protection software meant for very large networks that are supported by large UPS models usually monitored by micro-controllers embedded within the UPS system.

Key Features of Q-Safe Network User

  • Real Time monitoring of the various UPS parameters using RS-232 protocol to communicate with the embedded micro-controller within the UPS.
  • Advanced Active X-based GUI that displays various UPS parameters such as Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Battery Voltage, UPS Load, Frequency, and AVR status.
  • Timer-based event log which records the UPS and power parameters that can be used in trouble shooting in case of UPS failures and also in calculating the power consumption over the network.
  • Advanced scheduling of shutdown events that can help the system administrator in automating shutdown of the network.
  • Priority based scheduling of network clients into Low, Normal and High priorities.
  • This feature ensures that in the event of power failure, critical systems on a network get maximum uptime by automatically shutting down low priority systems. Also, this feature ensures that the UPS is never overloaded because the occurrence of such an event causes the software to shutdown low priority systems.
  • WINSOCK based messaging service between server and clients ensure that the System Administrator can communicate with the users on the network, and also enables communication between clients.
  • System Administrator can shutdown client nodes from the server.
  • Remote control and configuration of UPS parameters using SNMP protocol.
  • SMTP based mailing system that automatically emails critical events to specific e-mail IDs.
  • SMS messaging system automatically notifies the system administrator of critical events over the Mobile Phone.
  • Automatically saves all open application files before shutdown.
  • Supports MS Office, Star Office, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready, Coral Draw and Corel Photo Paint, MS Works, MS Front Page, MS Photo Draw, AutoCAD and all other common applications such as Notepad, WordPad and MS-Paint.
  • Provides test button to simulate auto saving and system shutdown.Provides On Screen countdown timer.
  • Provides User Defined shutdown timers.
  • Provides link to UPS Manufacturing company web site, if available. Supports most major Operating systems such as Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT, ME, 2000 and XP.
  • Performs automatic, unattended, graceful and safe shutdown of the computer.
  • The Software can be further customized to suit your needs.