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Inventory pro

Inventory Pro is a purchase-inventory-sales management software that provides a one-point integrated solution for businesses. The software keeps track of suppliers, purchases, asset inventory, sales, credits, receipts and expenses. A comprehensive set of reports provides the user with various statistics that will help streamline the business and increase sales, while reducing unnecessary purchases and expenses

Key Features of Inventory pro

  • A secure encrypted login session prevents unauthorized users from tampering with the valuable data within the software.
  • Creation of user names with administrator, purchase or sales privileges that allows the user to access all or only certain sections of the software.
  • Policy settings that prevent limited users from selling below or above sales price or giving discounts that exceed a pre-determined level.
  • Address details of suppliers and regular customers.
  • User-friendly purchase and sales form that enables efficient and fast data entry and billing.
  • Receipt generation for credit sales. Sales returns of purchased items. Inventory, stock adjustment and updation.
  • Comprehensive set of reports that provides the user with information such as customer and supplier details, customer and supplier transactions, receipts, outstanding customers, items list, items sales register, items below minimum quantity, stock ledger and cash ledger.