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Q-Safe Network User

UPS Monitoring and data protection software(Q-Safe Network user version) is used on small networks (LAN) as in offices, banks, schools, etc. This software has all the features of the Single User Version plus the extra network features as described below:

Key Features of Q-Safe Network User

  • The software is installed on the server (system to which the UPS is connected) and a small client software is installed on all other nodes on the network.
  • In case of power failure, low battery, overload, etc. the UPS sends appropriate messages to the server. The server in turn relays the messages to all the other nodes on the network. Thus, the system administrator will be informed of the change of state of the UPS on whichever system he may be working at that point of time.
  • The system administrator will be able to preset options on the software whereby, in case of occurrences of power failure or overload conditions, lower priority systems can be immediately shutdown after unsaved data has been saved to prolong UPS backup time and avoid overloading.
  • In case of sustained power failure or overload condition the battery charge falls below the safe level, the software automatically saves all unsaved files on all the nodes, shuts down the nodes, and then shuts down the server. These features go a long way in automating the work of the system administrator.