Android Training

Android’s visionary platform has revolutionized the smartphone market and has contributed immensely in bringing futuristic mobile technology within the reaches of common masses. Out of 6 billion Android powered phones worldwide, about 1 billion is used in India with 6 million subscribers increasing on an average per month. This impressive figure signifies the expanding demand for innovative Android apps for different niches to cater to such vast multitudes of users. The remunerations for Android developers are experiencing an upward trend each passing day. Android Programming is relatively easy to learn and apps can be developed, through personal enterprise also, in cost effective manner. The scope for creation of dynamic apps is huge.

Scope of Android

The open source nature of Android makes it convenient to revamp old apps to cater adequately to the contemporary tastes of application users. Almost all companies have their Android apps in the PlayStore which have been deployed to promote their business interests. Building these apps, maintaining the same and carrying out needful updates at regular intervals call for services of dedicated Android developers. Demand for creative app developers is increasing continuously and accordingly the size of pay packages are escalating. Android developers can gainfully engage themselves in idle time or do moonlighting as many individuals seek their services to develop personalized apps which can be used for highlighting one’s expertise. You can also embed Google Adsense in your personal app and earn sustained revenues. All mainstream mobile companies like HTC, Panasonic, Samsung, and Google are hiring Android developers to make their phones more fool proof and competitively better than adversaries.

Android Syllabus

  • Introduction To Android
  • Android Architecture
  • Application Framework
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine [DVM] vs Android RunTime [ART]
  • Java Development Kit [JDK]
  • Android Software Development Kit [ASDK]
  • Android IDEs
  • Setup java JDK Eclipse and Android Studio
  • Building Blocks of Android Applications
  • Introduction To Java
  • Basic Concepts of Programming in Java
  • Basic Data types
  • Variables and Operators Types
  • Loop Controls
  • Arrays
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Design Principles
  • Basic Syntax of Java Program
  • Essential Keywords In Java
  • Interface vs Abstract class
  • Constructors
  • Access modifiers
  • Exception Handling
  • Try, Catch, Throws & Finally
  • Collection API
  • I/O Streams
  • Threads In Java
  • Multithreading Concepts
  • Thread synchronization
  • Introduction to Eclipse and Android Studio
  • Android Application Structure
  • Android permissions
  • Android App Testing And Debugging[Basics]
  • DDMS and ADB driver
  • Creating a Virtual Device [AVD]
  • Testing the app on real device
  • Taking logcat and using console
  • Layouts in android
  • Android Widgets
  • Intent Types
  • Intent Filters
  • Intent Actions and Category
  • Data Transfer Using Intent
  • Android Styles and Themes
  • Android Dialogs
  • Dialogfragment
  • Android Notifications
  • Listview
  • List view Adapter Implementations
  • Android Custom Listview and Recycler Views
  • Introduction to Fragments
  • Building a Dynamic UI with Fragments
  • Fragment communication with Activity
  • Fragment communication with Other Fragments
  • Android ViewPager
  • SQL Syntax
  • DDL DML and DCL
  • Normalization
  • Types of Keys in SQL
  • Statement Interface
  • Prepared Statement
  • Callablestatement Interface and Stored Procedure
  • Stored Procedures vs Functions
  • Transactions
  • Android Session Management
  • Sharedpreferences
  • Android SQLite Database
  • Create, Read, Update and Delete operations using SQLite
  • Content Provider vs SQLite open helper
  • Introduction to application process
  • Threads and worker threads
  • Callbacks
  • Handlers and Loaders
  • Android AsyncTask
  • Services in Android
  • Background Service Using Intentservice
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Security
  • Alarm Manager
  • Android Audio Playback
  • Android Video Playback
  • Android Text to Speech
  • Android Speech to Text
  • Introduction to Android Architectural Design Patterns
  • Google Play Services
  • Google ApiClient
  • Authenticating your client
  • Work with Android Location Services
  • Google Maps
  • Android Basic Animations
  • Multi touch Features
  • Android Camera
  • Android Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Introduction to android sensors
  • Android Telephony and Mail Services
  • Introduction to Networking in android
  • Client-Server model
  • Introduction to JSON [JavaScript Object Notation]
  • JSON syntax overview
  • JSON object and JSON array
  • Android JSON parsing in Java
  • Introduction to php scripts
  • Variable types and Data types
  • Php echo and print statements
  • JSON Encode
  • Setup WAMP
  • Introduction to CRUD Operation with Php API
  • Introduction to Restful web services
  • Url Structure
  • Api Versioning and api key
  • Facebook SDK
  • Facebook App ID
  • Android Key Hash
  • Introduction to Google Firebase
  • Firebase Authentication Service
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging and Notifications
  • Firebase Admob service integration
  • Introduction To Phonegap Development
  • Pros and Cons of Phonegap


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: We include extensive lab exercises in every module, which simulates industrial exposure to our trainees

BOOKS & ONLINE SELF STUDY SESSIONS: Other than the excellent study materials we supply, trainees are often asked to do online research, which helps them to be updated with the latest developments in the industry.

EFFECTIVE EVALUATION: Exhaustive theoretical and lab based evaluation is conducted to ensure that the tough standards required by the industry, is met by every trainee.

CONTINIOUS SUPPORT: We provide continuous technical support to our trainees, even after completion of training, until the candidate is placed in a reputed organization.


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