.NET Training

.NET framework has a universal appeal due to the ease with each complex and advanced applications with rich features can be developed. From the vocational perspective, it is still the frontrunner as learners land lucrative jobs that fetch much greater salaries than other contemporary frameworks. The unfading appeal of .NET can be attributed to the inherent RAD or Rapid Application Development which facilitates building of versatile applications for varied environments and platforms. .NET is perfect for building web compatible applications developed using XML, HTML5 and so on. Window apps and web server apps that can run smoothly on desktops and mobiles can be developed using .NET. It is a futuristic technology that would never lose its charm.

Scope of .NET

.NET is not stagnant, it is continuously evolving. This implies that newer functionalities are constantly being added to it. As a result, it is the first choice of companies that wish to develop multi-pronged applications with agile coding. The job market for .NET learners is continuously growing and lucrative career opportunities in India as well as offshore locations are galore. .Net jobs are not exclusive to IT degree holders. An engineer, diploma holder or anyone from other academic branch can strengthen his/ her educational portfolio with .Net certification and then have a fulfilling career. In fact, there has never been a better time to learn .NET. These days, every company has an IT department. Everyone needs a website or in-house software. You can run a job search right now no matter where you are in the country and find hundreds of jobs for .NET developers. Quest Innovative Solutions (P) Ltd, which is incidentally one of the top Java training institutes, is offering one of the best java internship programs with advanced Java training having strong emphasis on Java frameworks training. Since this is the best job oriented java training program available for fresh graduates, we are able to provide top placements for all our trained candidates.

.NET Syllabus

  • Understanding Framework Architecture
  • New Features in .NET 4.5.1
  • Environmental Setup Visual Studio IDE
  • Introduction to OOPS
  • Console Application
  • C# Basics
  • Reference and Value Type
  • Arrays and Array Class
  • String and String Class
  • Class and Objects
  • Properties and Indexers
  • Namespaces and Assemblies
  • Exception Handling
  • Abstract Class and Interface
  • Delegates and Events
  • Collections and Generics
  • File Operations
  • Threads
  • Dynamic Type and DLR
  • Process and App Domain
  • Implicitly typed variable
  • Extension Methods
  • Serialization
  • LINQ
  • Creating Test Projects and Test Methods
  • Writing tests
  • Running tests
  • Form Controls
  • Passing value between forms
  • App.config
  • Data binding in forms
  • WPF Controls
  • Programming with WPF
  • Mark-up and code behind
  • Layout
  • Data binding
  • Graphics
  • Animation and Media
  • Database Access
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Working with SQL Server
  • Data Access model
  • Data Binding Controls
  • XML in ADO
  • SDLC
  • UML
  • DFD and ER Diagrams
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • ASP.NET Controls
  • Web Parts
  • AJAX
  • Applying Styles
  • Request and Response object
  • Server State Management
  • Client Side State management
  • Handling Email in ASP.NET
  • Caching
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Culture and Globalization
  • LINQ to Objects
  • LINQ to Collections
  • LINQ to SQL
  • LINQ to XML
  • ADO
  • JSON Operations
  • JSON and XML
  • JSON to object
  • JSON to Array
  • Web Services
  • WCF Introduction
  • Architecture
  • Hosting Security
  • Payment Gateway
  • EF Architecture
  • Entity Relationship and Life Cycle Querying with EDM
  • DB Set Class and DB Entity Entry Class
  • CRUD in EF
  • Disconnected Entity
  • Stored Procedure in EF Validate Entity
  • ASP.NET Architecture
  • MVC Architecture
  • Scaffolding
  • Razor Syntax
  • AJAX in MVC
  • jQuery in MVC
  • LINQ in MVC
  • EF in MVC
  • Web Servers Hosting Types domain name
  • FTP client(FileZilla)
  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • IaaS
  • AWS Service
  • Amazon EC2
  • Elastic Beanstalk.


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: We include extensive lab exercises in every module, which simulates industrial exposure to our trainees

BOOKS & ONLINE SELF STUDY SESSIONS: Other than the excellent study materials we supply, trainees are often asked to do online research, which helps them to be updated with the latest developments in the industry.

EFFECTIVE EVALUATION: Exhaustive theoretical and lab based evaluation is conducted to ensure that the tough standards required by the industry, is met by every trainee.

CONTINIOUS SUPPORT: We provide continuous technical support to our trainees, even after completion of training, until the candidate is placed in a reputed organization.


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